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We all know advertising is pivotal to sales. If people don’t know about it, they won’t know to buy it. Right? Of course, that’s why so many companies use their packaging to introduce new products or services.

But what if we purposed packaging beyond promotions and advertising? What if packaging was the center to a conversation? What if it just made your day a bit better or sparked “a nice break from the norm?” That’s what Chipotle just did by printing stories by well-known authors on their packaging.

Chipotle decided it’s better to expand their customer experience beyond the food. They want to inspire your day not just with their food, but an ongoing experience. People remember good times. A good conversation is the beginning of a good time.

People remember good times. A good conversation is the beginning of a good time.

Chipotle knows solutions are found through thoughts and conversations unrelated to the problem. By printing stories on their packaging, Chipotle is giving you that mental break. They’re moving beyond telling you their food is best to inspiring your day with a good story.

What are your goals for packaging?

Go Have an Adventure defines adventure as “an exciting or very unusual experience” and routine as “commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office.

Over the last few months my life has felt pretty adventurous. No, I didn’t cave dive Twin Dees, but it is a goal of mine. With changes at work and the birth of Kim’s and my fourth child and second daughter, Kate, life has not been routine. That’s what really struck me: the comparison between adventure and routine and how they work together.

As my wife will tell you, routine can drive me nuts and the spontaneity of adventure is what I talk about most. It would seem I can’t live in adventure all the time and that routine is the mundane backbone of life. What I’m realizing is that without routine, there is no adventure, and without adventure, there is no routine.

It starts with adventure. Adventure is the new, the unfounded. Adventure is the unexperienced. It’s that daydream I bring to reality. It’s the vision I plan into action. Adventure is the life of an idea. Adventure is outside my comfort zone. As adventure becomes part of my everyday life it creates routine.

Routine is my safety net. It helps keep me from making everyday mistakes at work and home. Routine is my comfort zone. It lets me know I’m doing the right thing at the right time the right way. Without it, chaos would reign. Routine helps keep the adventure alive. It gives stability to the adventure.

I’ve come to appreciate routine and the stability it gives me. Without it, adventures tend to end in disaster.

What adventure in your life needs routine?

…and for your consideration.

Twin Dees Revived and Pumping from Matt Vinzant on Vimeo.

Parking on the Top Level

Some rights reserved by Robert R Gigliotti,

It occurred to me recently that I hate parking garages. They’re dark. They’re noisy. Every level looks the same. There’s hardly ever a good parking space. I dislike parking garages except for one thing.

I love the top level. The top level isn’t dark, isn’t noisy and is the only level that looks different from all the others giving me perspective.

The top level gives me the ability to see what’s happening below. I sometimes need a broader perspective to stay on track. I need light shed on the mundane. I need to see the larger picture that the hundreds of details created. I’m able to see where I’ve come from just enough to ensure I haven’t gotten off track. The top level provides perspective, but doesn’t let me leave without a gut check.

The top level makes me evaluate how much I want to achieve my goal. Like driving through the different levels, I have to willingly work towards my goal over and over again. I have to be patient, but once there, the light and fresh air revive me.

So let me ask you. Where are you in the parking garage? Are you in such a rush that you miss the right perspective? Do you ever evaluate how much you want to achieve your goal? Are you on track? Are you sure you’re even in the right garage?

You’ll never know until you drive to the top level.

Image by Robert R Gigliotti,

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