Chicken vs. Fish

Christians talk a lot about needing to be fed meat by their spiritual leaders. One set of Christians desire lots of theology. A second set wants lots of practical application. Both tend to disagree with each other on what spiritual meat actually is. Is one wrong and the other right?

Both are right. Both desire meat. One just prefers fish over chicken and vice versa. Both types of meat contain some of the same nutrients. However, there are nutrients in fish not found in chicken, and there are nutrients in chicken not found in fish. Christians need both.

It’s not that one type of meat is better than the other. It’s that a person has a preferred taste and can absorb and process God’s word more effectively via one type of meat. Some people learn with plates full of lists and application, while other learn with heavy plates of theology. Where each has to be careful is to not overeat one and neglect the other.

Those that prefer theology have to be careful not to neglect the application. Unapplied knowledge is a waste.

Those that prefer application have to be careful not to neglect theology. Application without a foundation won’t stand the test of time.

I know I have made myself sick by eating too much of one thing. Have you? A change in diet can do wonders.

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