Parking on the Top Level

It occurred to me recently that I hate parking garages. They’re dark. They’re noisy. Every level looks the same. There’s hardly ever a good parking space. I dislike parking garages except for one thing.

I love the top level. The top level isn’t dark, isn’t noisy and is the only level that looks different from all the others giving me perspective.

The top level gives me the ability to see what’s happening below. I sometimes need a broader perspective to stay on track. I need light shed on the mundane. I need to see the larger picture that the hundreds of details created. I’m able to see where I’ve come from just enough to ensure I haven’t gotten off track. The top level provides perspective, but doesn’t let me leave without a gut check.

The top level makes me evaluate how much I want to achieve my goal. Like driving through the different levels, I have to willingly work towards my goal over and over again. I have to be patient, but once there, the light and fresh air revive me.

So let me ask you. Where are you in the parking garage? Are you in such a rush that you miss the right perspective? Do you ever evaluate how much you want to achieve your goal? Are you on track? Are you sure you’re even in the right garage?

You’ll never know until you drive to the top level.

Image by Robert R Gigliotti,

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