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Parking on the Top Level

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It occurred to me recently that I hate parking garages. They’re dark. They’re noisy. Every level looks the same. There’s hardly ever a good parking space. I dislike parking garages except for one thing.

I love the top level. The top level isn’t dark, isn’t noisy and is the only level that looks different from all the others giving me perspective.

The top level gives me the ability to see what’s happening below. I sometimes need a broader perspective to stay on track. I need light shed on the mundane. I need to see the larger picture that the hundreds of details created. I’m able to see where I’ve come from just enough to ensure I haven’t gotten off track. The top level provides perspective, but doesn’t let me leave without a gut check.

The top level makes me evaluate how much I want to achieve my goal. Like driving through the different levels, I have to willingly work towards my goal over and over again. I have to be patient, but once there, the light and fresh air revive me.

So let me ask you. Where are you in the parking garage? Are you in such a rush that you miss the right perspective? Do you ever evaluate how much you want to achieve your goal? Are you on track? Are you sure you’re even in the right garage?

You’ll never know until you drive to the top level.

Image by Robert R Gigliotti,

Anora’s Birth


A friend told me after reading a text about Anora’s birth, “Man, that was anti-climatic,” I realized I needed to share the story of Anora’s birth. Her birth was anything but anti-climatic. Not to mention God deserves to be glorified. And who am I to keep what He did silent.

Two and a half weeks ago, Kim began contracting about every three minutes, so we went to the hospital. She was admitted for 24 hours of observation. Anora was 30 weeks. Nothing happened until Kim was about to be discharged. Then her water broke. She wasn’t allowed to go home and told she could deliver soon or weeks later. That began what would become a two week wait.

As time slowly passed on, we prepared for Kim to be induced on June 21. The doctors said Anora would be 34 weeks about that time and they would prefer to induce. So now we have a plan and a date to expect.

Kim would contract and leak fluid sporadically between weeks 30 and 32. Both of us believed Anora would hold out for another two weeks to make it to 34. I guess we should have expected that by planning on another two weeks, our plans would be thrown out the door. Her doctors even thought about sending her home thinking her water had resealed. However, her primary doctor, after realizing her water leaked sporadically, decided to keep her in the hospital. This would prove to be a critical decision.

On Tuesday, June 7, Kim started contracting more but not enough to raise eyebrows. She was ending her second week in the hospital and beginning her third. Anora was 32 and half weeks. I went home to sleep that night for another routine day of work and to spend the evening with Kim watching Everybody Loves Raymond in her hospital room.

My phone rang waking me up. It was 2am and Kim was telling me I should come back to the hospital. Kim started bleeding a few hours after I left and had continued to do so. By the time I got back to the hospital, the doctor had been notified and a stat ultrasound had been ordered to find out why Kim was bleeding.

I’m fuzzy on the time details, but between 2:30am and 4:49am, the ultrasound results came in, Kim was prepped for an emergency C-section, and Anora was born. The ultrasound results showed Kim had a placental abruption and Anora was breech.

A placental abruption is when the placenta tears away from the uterus. Breech is when the baby is head up. In layman’s terms, Kim was bleeding internally and Anora’s life-line was disconnecting. Basically, the worst outcome happened. Fortunately, Kim was still in the hospital and the abruption was caught early. We were told later that Anora was not breech. Kim showed no typical signs of an abruption and was about as far away from the textbook case as you could expect. Every doctor and nurse who worked on Kim’s case were completely surprised. This was completely unexpected.

At 4:449am, Anora came out screaming with eyes open. She weighed 4lb. 5oz. and was 17.25″ long. The steroids Kim was given her first two days in the hospital developed Anora’s lungs. She doesn’t need any breathing assistance. She’s in the NICU and will be there for about a month. Kim is recovering from her C-section quickly. We are both ready for our family to be together again. It’s been about 3 and half weeks since our family has been together at home.

God guided Kim’s primary to make the right decision to keep Kim in the hospital. Her primary was battling health issues of his own that week and could have easily referred to the other group doctors who seemed to want Kim to go home. We all believed Kim could have rested better at home in her bed. God guided Kim’s nurse to push for a quicker ultrasound then the doctor ordered. God kept Kim and I calm during those fast few hours on Wednesday morning. He kept the mortality of the situation out of our minds. God gave us a great family and close friends to watch the boys so I could be at Kim’s side as much as possible, to bring food so Kim and I could eat non-hospital food, have great company and so Kim could learn to cross-stitch and try crocheting, and most importantly, to offer prayers on our behalf. God gave Kim superb nurses and doctors.

God listened and answered prayers so all the glory would be His.

Kim and I are still processing what happened that night and how serious the situation became. It seems this situation happened purely for God’s glory. God simply said, “Look at Me. Look at what I can do. Look at who I Am.” I tend to focus so much on making sure what I do is glorifying God. But I’m learning He just wants to use me as a tool to show his glory without me doing anything.

Welcome Anora!